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meet unique requirements in regards to accessibility, mobility, or health, our highly assistive team take additional initiative to focus on disabled facilities to enhance the travelling experience. We focus on each customer’s individual special needs related to their disability or health, and customize their holidays based on specific preferences to the highest extent possible. We believe in serving with a friendly attitude, and always go the extra mile to offer every bit of information you may require.

Safe, Comfortable and Accessible Transfers

For our wheelchair travellers, we make arrangements for a wheelchair accessible vehicle that can accommodate the wheelchair users without having to transfer to the regular passenger seat. After boarding the vehicle through a ramp, the wheelchair is securely locked at one place for a fail-safe accessible tour. Attendants (if hired) assist the wheelchair user to board and exit the vehicle.

How We Select Your Accessible Accommodation

A selection of disabled accommodation in our portfolio have been audited with a 140 points checklist for wheelchair accessibility and comfort in disabled facilities according to international standards. Depending on the travellers physical condition, we provide the best suitable adapted accommodation while preparing their itinerary. We understand that our clients may have different accommodation preferences, therefore, we provide a selection of accommodation choices to fit every special need.

Highlights of a wheelchair friendly accommodation generally include —

  • Spacious room for wheelchair maneouvering
  • Bathrooms with fitted handle bars and roll-in shower
  • Low level closets, washbasins, peep hole and light switches
  • Flat level or elevator access to restaurant, reception or other amenities

An Extra Hand To Enhance Your Holidays

Other added services to make your disabled holidays smoother are, a hired carer or wheelchair attendant who can assist you in daily activities or in accessing difficult platforms on a wheelchair. While a carer looks after the well being and health of the disabled traveller, an attendant can be hired to carry out physically challenging duties like carrying bags or wheelchair handling etc.

Arrangements For Your Special Diet

Understanding the importance on your health, we have introduced the facility to opt for health conscious food based on individual requirements. Once you inform us of your dietary needs, we make arrangements for anything from gluten free, organic, or pure vegan food.

Provision of Renting Medical Equipment

We also provide a selection of medical equipment, including travel wheelchairs, walking aids, hoists, nebulizers, etc. Due to scarce availability of spare equipment parts in different countries, most disabled travellers like to store their electronic wheelchairs and use a locally hired manual wheelchair at the holiday destination. All equipment offered by us are rented from trusted suppliers to extend your peace of mind.

Your Visa Requirements Covered (for India)

For your peace of mind, we extend our service to arrange for your Tourist Visas to India (presently available only for UK residents). All you have to do is fill the visa application we provide, make the payment and send us the required documents. Once processed, the visa is printed on your passport and shipped back to you at the comfort of your home.