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We understand the value of your personal equipment. To avoid any damage to your accessibility accessories, Able Journeys offers the option to hire basic accessibility gear for a reasonable price. The repair costs of your equipment in a foreign country can be considerably high, and to evade from these high prices, locally available alternatives from trusted equipment suppliers can be rented in an accessible holiday by Able Journeys.

Modify your holiday package by choosing from the selection of equipment available for your peace of mind, comfort and safety.

Equipment availability may differ at each destination. In case of unavailability, possible alternative arrangements can be made subject to prior notice. Contact us for more details on equipment availability at various destinations.

Service Type Price
Wheelchair with Attendant £25 for half day / £35 for full day
Air Pressure Mattress £8 per day / £56 per week
Foam mattresses £3 per day / £21 per week
Hoist £12 per day / £84 per week
Semi Fowler Bed £3 per day / £21 per week
Full Fowler Bed £5 per day / £35 per week
Three Functional Manual Bed £12 per day / £84 per week
Three Functional Electric Bed £3 per day / £21 per week
Shower Chair £2 per day / £14 per week
Manual Wheelchair £3 per day / £21 per week
Powered Wheelchair £15 per day / £ 105 per week
Walking Aids £2 per day / £14 per week
Bed Side Rails £10 per week
Nebulizer £5 per day / £35 per week