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    Please check in at least 2-3 hours before your flight is scheduled to depart. Failure in doing so may lead to refusal to board the flight.

    You must carry your valid 10-year passport and correct visa with you. Please make sure it does not expire during your accessible holiday period. All the documents must be valid for a further 6 months following your return date to the UK. Holders of non-British passports (and those issued abroad) should check with the appropriate consulate for possible visa requirements. Failure to ensure you have the correct passport or visa may mean cancelling your disabled accessible holiday and you will be liable to pay full cancellation charges and any other costs. As travel regulation constantly changes, we as tour operators are unable to provide up-to-date information concerning such requirements. It is important that you comply with the necessary travel regulations, especially visas, insurance policies and passport requirements. Check with your travel agent or directly with the appropriate consulate of the country involved. You may be asked to produce your passports at various tourist sights; failure in doing so may result in refusal of admission.

    As per the planned itinerary, an Able Journeys representative will meet and greet you at the arrival airport and escort you to your vehicle and accommodation.

    You will be advised of your departure arrangements at the time of booking. Normally, you are expected to vacate your 
room by noon on the day of transfer or departure. If your departure flight is later than the checkout time, you will be expected to vacate the room as per the hotel schedule.

    If you are vacating your accommodation at midday and have time to wait before your departure from the resort, your luggage will remain your responsibility during this time. Your representative may be able to suggest places where luggage can be stored. Able Journeys will not accept responsibility for any luggage that is left unattended. It is advisable that you keep your luggage with you at all times.

    Dedicated representatives will be available to offer you advice, tips and local knowledge. On arrival you will be given a contact telephone number for our representatives or local agents

    Flying within countries such as India can be unreliable and may occur at awkward hours. Timings and bookings may be changed by airlines without prior notice. Able Journeys have no control over these situations but will be available to provide assistance 
wherever possible.

    Our disabled holiday accommodation is selected with care through an Audit Guarantee that includes cleanliness, comfort, and suitability for disabled people. The services of carers and attendants will be included in the final package price if opted by the customer. However, any additional personal services offered by bell boys, waiters or room service will be charged by the hotel/resort at the time of checkout.

    Our meal plans vary between different packages and destinations. If you have made special dietary requests at the time of booking, we will make sure that all of your needs are met according to your standards. In cases where these requirements cannot be met, we will do our best to offer you an alternative solution so you won’t have to compromise on your health and diet.

    You will be expected to pay for any damage or breakages caused to your accommodation or hotel room. This must be paid before you leave the resort. Some properties charge a deposit on arrival and this is refundable at the end of your holiday if your room is left in the condition in which you found it.

    Most hotels/resorts do not employ a lifeguard. Please ensure that children and non-swimmers are supervised at all times and observe the pool rules of your disabled accommodation. You should also exercise caution around the pool areas since the area is often slippery. Please note that swimming pools may be temporarily withdrawn for maintenance purposes. Hoteliers sometimes ask for a discretionary charge for facilities.

    Even though water is chlorinated in most destinations and accommodations, we strongly recommend that you to drink bottled water which is inexpensive and widely available.

    Please read all fire safety information provided by your hotel/resort and familiarise yourself with the fire exits nearest to your room.

    Alcohol consumption in countries such as India may be looked down upon in some areas. Please check with the hotelier or an Able Journeys representative for permission to drink any sort of alcoholic beverage in public areas or hotel premises. Avoid purchasing alcohol from random stores and people.

    If you are used to living in a quiet area, then you may be in for surprise when visiting some of the asian destinations like India. To avoid any hearing damage, use earplugs to reduce the effects of excessive noise whilst you are out and about. Your accommodation may be situated in a noisy area too.

    As the industry is constantly growing, many hotels and resorts undergo various upgrades and modifications at their premises. Able Journeys is not responsible if your tour falls in the midst of a construction or maintenance period. However, we will do our best in making alternative room arrangements so that you enjoy a peaceful stay.

    Information about you and your travel companions will be passed onto our suppliers of our services. These may include details such as religious beliefs, type of disability, health specifications and dietary requirements.

    We may be required to process and pass information about you and your travelling party to our insurers.

    Tipping is expected and standard practice, especially in India. The general rule is to tip little and often whenever you are offered a service or assistance.