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Characteristics of Accessible Tourism

  • Wheelchair Accessible Holidays

    Our wheelchair accessible holiday packages are designed to deliver a unique and enjoyable accessible holidays experience that enables you to make the most of your chosen destination. By using the latest portable technology, we offer bespoke services in accessible tourism that takes care of all your disability related travel requirements from the moment you take off until you arrive back home.

    We go as far as contacting the airlines to make them aware of your accessibility requirements. From disabled wheelchair assistance, to even free advice on most wheelchair accessible airlines from your home, we have the solution for your disability concerns. Once you arrive at the destination, an Able Journeys representative will receive you, and in almost no time you are transferred to your disabled friendly hotel in a wheelchair accessible vehicle.
    A wide selection of disabled accommodations we offer are professionally audited to meet the required level of wheelchair access. Our ‘wheelchair-friendly’ guarantee is back-boned by a 150 point audit check-list that ensures wheelchair users have no trouble accessing the hotel premises.

    For convenience, you may also hire wheelchair attendants for manual travel wheelchairs, who will not only handle your wheelchair but also set up portable wheelchair ramps where necessary. Hired attendants ensure that you have complete freedom when you are out and about. For a small charge, you can hire an attendant for the number of days that you require.

    Another highlighted service for wheelchair users is hiring a Carer. A hired carer takes care of your routine lifestyle, assisting in washing, bathing, serving food and making sure. Although, not administering any drugs or medical activities, the carer will simply overlook your personal comfort and health at all times.

  • Holidays For Visually Impaired

    The Able Journeys team is also committed to offer specialist tours for blind and visually impaired travellers. Each visually impaired holiday is set for groups of 10-15 travellers, accompanied by real time narrators (a role played by volunteers in some cases). The holidays for visually impaired comprises of strong influence on sound and touch. During the tours, the travellers will have interpretation of their surroundings through accompanying sighted travellers or appointed narrators.

    To enhance the experience on heritage touch tours, miniature models of selected historical monuments is made available for cross referencing and learning the marvellous details of its architecture. Your visually impaired holiday can also be made private on an added cost. Simply inform us of your preferences using the same form on the left and we will get back to you shortly with all the details.

  • Holidays For Hearing Impaired

    Able Journeys welcomes all travellers with hearing disability. Our specialised group holiday packages for travellers who are deaf or hearing impaired, feature designated country specific sign language guides. To ensure that you have the most enjoyable experience, we take care of all deaf travel requirements, tour planning, and other individual requirements that you may have. Like our other disabled holiday packages, tours can be customized to your preference if you book a private holiday. Rest assured, your accessible travel is designed in the most uncompromising way possible.
  • Volunteer Travel

    With Able Journeys, Volunteers get a chance to accompany the visually impaired and not only enhance their experience of the destination but also make new friends and meet new people by volunteering abroad. The volunteer’s role can be played by anyone from students on gap year to housewives, whoever wish to experience the world of visually impaired. The volunteer holiday price is discounted on the condition that the volunteer plays the role of a narrator and being a friendly travel companion. You are eligible for volunteer travel, if —

    ○ You have a valid recent background check (CRB or Police Clearance)
    ○ You possess communication skills describing the current surroundings in details to your visually impaired travel companion
    ○ You are patient, with a positive attitude, and helpful under all scenarios towards your travel companions

    An amazing opportunity for people of all ages to explore the world and also build friendships with people from all backgrounds.